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Hope & Scholarship

Hope & Scholarship was started by an amazing Christ centered woman, Myrlande Canes. When there is a need of those around her she is the first to offer a helping hand. She generously cares for her Haitian people with the little that she has. She is the true meaning of selfless.
Through the support of others she had been able to send several child to school in Haiti whose families don't have the financial ability to do so. When that funding fell through she reached out for support. Thats where YOU come in! We at Anchored in Hope are committed to helping Myrlande send these kids to school and give them the hope of Jesus. 
When your school bookstore purchases wholesale through AIH 50% of that sale will go directly towards schooling and occasional youth activities!
Myrlande talking with the children about Jesus.
 Donate at Paypal: send to and mention Hope and Scholarship
  1. Together we can change lives through education.
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